Hat Trick Soccer is back in 2011!

January 11, 2011

The year just started and off course, for fans of soccer in Brazil and USA/Canada, this represent a new soccer season coming. Thank God, we do not follow the so “blessed” european calendar.

For the brazilians, the fun starts on January 15th (next Saturday). For the americans and canadians, it all start with the Superdraft next Thursday. But the MLS Season only starts in March 15th. Three months waiting its a lot of time!

Anyways, for me, off course, starts a new task. My mission is update both blogs (Hat Trick Futebol in portuguese and this blog) with tatics from Santa Catarina State Championship and later on, the Brazilian First Division – focusing in the teams from SC State (Avaí and Figueirense).

Also, whenever is possible, tatics from MLS games. And I will be honest with you: that will be hard. First because there is not a lot interest about the league here in Brazil. Second because ESPN in Brazil only show the games on thursday (like ESPN2 in US) but when there is nothing else to stream.

Yeah, you get the idea. If there is any NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB or even X-Games going on (or Copa do Brasil – Brazil’s Cup, or European Championships) on thursday night, they will show that unstead of the MLS Game of the Week.

It’s hard for fans of MLS, like myself, who want to keep watching the league. Especially after MLS closed up the online streaming for people outside US and Canada. But I will figure a way out…

Also, I will try to explain for you, american and canadian fans, how the soccer system work out in Brazil. Many of you might know how work the first and second division, but probably have no idea how the third and fourth division work and this might help you to see if something similar would work in your countries.

I will also try explain how the State Championships work (something that only exist in Brazil, I think) along side the lower divisions (yeah, we have lower divisions in States Championships also!) and you have no idea about it.

The idea of getting this blog out came around September of 2010, but since I had to finish my college semester, alongside work (unfortunately I don’t get money to talk about soccer and update the blog, yet) the blog never came along.

So now, when the year is just beginning, I decided to finally launch the blog and start to get the things done. Why? Because, like the portuguese version, I realised that some people might be interest about tatics of MLS (something that I usually don’t find in other blogs) and a brazilian view from your soccer.

And off course, I have the chance to clarify to some off you, how soccer work in a different country. Like in the Hat Trick Futebol, when I will try to explain to my fellow brazilian soccer fans how draft and salary cap work (something that many people have no idea about it) I hope that here I can tell you how the 5 World Cup Champion nation work in terms of soccer and this might not be a nice thing to read (in terms of desorganization and everything else), but at least I will try.

Anyways, since this first post, I apologize for my terrible and simple english. I lived in USA in 2007/2008 as a Rotary Youth Exchange Student and thats how I really learned to speak and listen the language. I’ve been studying english since I was 15 and I am still studying but I realise that this isn’t enought to write. I hope you, at least, understand what I want to say.

I hope you enjoy this blog and I will try to post at least once a week.

Leave your thoughts and comments bellow!